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Free Fencing

Honor Fencing opens the high-standard fencing gym to all experienced senior/veteran fencers twice a week. At current stage, only HFC Markham has this free fencing program. HFC provides only the fencing facility without coach and referee. 

This free fencing program has the largest membership flexibility to all senior/veteran fencers. All you need to do is, firstly to register the one-time free fencing membership which is CAD 200, and secondly to pay the drop-in or monthly free fencing fee on piste. 

The one-time free fencing membership enables the access to open bouting, the access to private lessons provided by HFC world leading coaches, and the right to rental equipment.


Open Bouting

Openning hours are from 20:00 to 22:00 on each Wednesday and Friday. 

Drop-in price is CAD30. Monthly open bouting fee is CAD 160. 

Private Lessons

The free fencing membership enables the access to all HFC coaches for private lessons. Depending on the seniority of the coach, the cost for each 30-minute private lessons is from CAD45 to CAD70. The private lesson should be booked via HFC email or directly contact Tina.

private lesson-1.jpg

Equipment Rental

Equipment rental is CAD20 for one free fencing session, including mask, fencing jacket, lame, sabre, and wires needed.

Sabre fencing glove is not included as that is non washable. HFC has basic fencing glove on sale.

You need to prepare yourself sport shoes and pants. It is highly recommed to wear indoor badminton shoes. 

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