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Expand Your Skills


Age usually above 14 with desires to achieve results in competitions in  US (NAC). Many of them are national high-performance fencers in Canada junior/cadet national team.


Age usually around 12 to 14 with 2-year fencing experience. Our intermediate class is designed to develop fencers toward a competitive athlete which may require to participate local and provincial competitions. Our past records have proved they have huge potential to be competitive under fine tuning by our coaches


Age usually around 12 with about 1-year fencing experience. Student in beginner program will learn the content of the Yellow armband including Footwork, Attacks and Parries. At the end of the program, fencer will pass an evaluation to reach the next level.


Age usually around 6 – 9. Often thought of as an activity just for actors or an elite few, fencing is actually an ideal sport for people of all ages especially starting from very young.  Fencing  develops dexterity, endurance, flexibility, grace, and overall fitness, while also allowing participants the opportunity to improve the mind’s problem-solving abilities. It is easily learned and used by the kids.


Providing Everything You Need



Group training course is an integral components in fencing training. The focuses are on physical strength, flexibility, agility, endurance and overall fitness. Tailored to the age groups, the group training at HFC is fun and promotes team work, sportsmanship and compassion. It is very beneficial to the physical and mental development of young athletes.


Individual training course is one-on-one training with the coach. Whether you are a novice or a veteran fencer, you will benefit from the teaching and coaching on areas from basics to advanced techniques, specifically designed for you. Depending on the age, character and physical ability, the detailed training content and length vary.

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HFC organizes March Break Camps, Summer Camps and Winter Camps. These camps are great opportunities to advance fencers' techniques and experiences.


In the past Camp events organized by HFC, not only our club coaches provided the intensive training, HFC also invited external high-level coaches as visiting coaches. Those includes top coaches flying from Europe, and university fencing coaches from US.

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