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Elevate Your Fencing Dreams

Youth Fencing Competitive Program

For aspiring champions aged 8 and above, our Youth Fencing Competitive Program is designed to propel them to the top. Many of our students are members of Canada's junior/cadet national team, with aspirations to shine in the US (NAC) competitions. Join us and unleash your potential on the international stage!
Our Youth Fencing Competitive Program is more than just rigorous training. It's a comprehensive program that focuses on technique, tactics, and mental preparation for high-level competitions. Our world-class coaching team, including former world champions, will provide personalized guidance to help your child reach their full potential. With access to the competitive group in North America, they'll have the opportunity to test their skills against the best and make their mark on the fencing world.

Age: between 8 and 16
Available Locations: HFC Markham and HFC Mississauga

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