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Our History

Honor Fencing Club (HFC) has been founded since 2011 when its former entity  Huahua Fencing started fencing training in Ontario. HFC now is one of the largest fencing clubs in Canada.


Basing on the very-proven mature technical training system and the highly disciplined  operating model, HFC is the only fencing club chain in eastern part of Canada. HFC currently has two clubs one in Markham and the other in Mississauga, Ontario. HFC continues expending the network to support your fencers in Canada.


Sep 10, 2022

Grand Opening of HFC Mississauga

Head coach Hristo Entropolski and Honor Fencing management team are welcoming young athletes to join us on piste fencing.  We fight for Honor!

We fence, we fight, we honor!

Aug 29, 2022

Huahua Fencing merged into Honor Fencing

Honor Fencing is the only fencing club-chain group in GTA, owning two brands HFC and HFF. Legend Huahua Fencing CLub is co-operated as HFC Markham by Honor Fencing management group. HFC stands for both Honor Fencing Club and Huahua Fencing Club.


Our Mission

Our mission is

  • to promote and develop competitive fencers on a balanced college path with the ability to touch the door of Ivy League and to present themselves on a global field,

  • to introduce the sport of fencing to all levels in our local community,

  • and to encourage more kids to participate this very disciplined activity

 based on a highly degree of physical fitness and technical skills.

Our Olympians

Our sabre senior coaches Hristo and Jujie were both Olympic fencers. Hristo has participated Olympic Games twice in Mosco and Seoul. He has been worldly ranked top 8 for both individual and team. Felix is a 3-time Olympic fencer competing in Seoul, Barcelona and Atlanta.  He is a legend that you can still find his fencing video via internet.

College Road

Fencing gives an extra advantage when applying to higher education and shows that student is well-rounded. Majority of the best universities in the US have fencing programs including most Ivy League schools. Fencing will help your child to be accepted to best schools or get scholarship from universities where athletic scholarships are available.


HFC coaches and staff will help you to plan ahead if you’re interested in working toward a scholarship. We educate parents and athletes on their college application process. We help connect our fencers to our extensive network of college students and alumni. We also maintain strong relationship with coaches of the US top college fencing programs. It’s never too soon to start planning for college and we are happy to help guide you through the process.

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