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Professional Fencing Club Taught by World Champions


Honor Fencing Club (HFC) has been providing professional fencing training in Ontario since 2011 under its former name Huahua Fencing. Now with its world-class coach team, led by Olympic and World Champions Hristo Etropolski and Jujie Luan, Honor Fencing Club is dedicated to promote fencing sports in Canada diversified communities with our hospitality, honesty and discipline, and to meet, inspire and ensure young fencing passionates to gear up their performance to the next level. Honor Fencing Club is currently providing Foil, Sabre and Epee training at Markham, Mississauga and Toronto Downtown.

Our Locations

With our great successes at Marham, we have expanded our footprints to Mississauga and Toronto Downtown. We are now the only multi-location fencing club in East Canada. The large scale of operations contributed to our club members more connections, resources, and opportunities. Please click following buttons to explore our different locations.

Our Coaches

Hristo Etropolski 
Sabre Head Coach
FIE Hall of Fame
World Champion
 and 2-time Olympian (Sabre)
Former US National Fencing Team Coach

Jujie Luan
Foil Head Coach
FIE Hall of Fam
First Asian Olympic Fencing Champion
World Champion
 and Four-time Olympian (Foil)


Our Programs

Age below 6 with hopes to try fencing later. This program helps them to develop dexterity, endurance, flexibility, grace, and overall fitness

Age usually between 8 and 16 with desires to achieve results in competitions in US (NAC). Many of them are national high-performance fencers in Canada junior/cadet national team.

Age usually between 6 and 16 with 0 or very little fencing experience. Our internal ladder program will promote them to the next level Competitive Fencing when they are ready

Age above 16 and to hopefully 100. Our adult fencing program is actually a fencing community to link different people and promote each other to the next performance level.


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